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All real change is local. You can help provide sustainable projects to Central Coast communities.

Sustainable Construction

With University of California Santa Cruz Extension:

Green Building 101: This one-day workshop covers all the basics of "green building." Whether you are a homeowner, builder, financier, government employee, or just interested in sustainability, come learn about high-performance environmental buildings. We introduce the principles of green building, compare costs and benefits, explore resources and connections, and discuss government policies.

Healthy Home Interiors presents the philosophy of green design and practical advice for finding and using safe, environmentally and socially responsible, affordable and beautiful materials for home and commercial interiors. An overview of the basics about green interiors is followed by a show and tell session on options in fabrics, furniture, flooring, countertops, wall coverings, and more.

With Hartnell Community College, Salinas, CA:

Introduction to Green Building covers Green Building definitions and careers, site selection and orientation, materials and methods, energy, indoor air quality, off site impacts, certification systems, professional accreditation, safety, records and computer tools, financial tools.

Green Building Materials and Methods looks at trends and challenges, green products for the building envelope, interior, doors, windows, siding and decking, fixtures and appliances, innovative materials, charrettes, pre-fab and kits, living roofs and walls, daylighting, ventilation, performance testing, and building systems: mechanical, electrical, water and wastewater, finance and communications.

Managing Off-Site Impacts of Projects explores the concept of off-site responsibility, context of construction, impacts and regulations, engineering solutions, erosion control, roadways and driveways, landscaping, site waste management, deconstruction, reclaimed materials, toxic fluids and aerosols, materials and crew transport, embodied energy, solar generators, biofuels, noise and light pollution.